Schwarz removed his article:
I published here:

because according to HIS OWN article you had his OWN QUOTE stating that
he is Ecumenical: "Before becoming an Ecumenical Christian, I started
off in life as a Lutheran".

No big deal because I have other
precious links with me. If you are interested, I can prove you very
interesting things about him. You need to know who really this man is
so you would not vote for him in 2008. Satan is deceptive. He is not
showing you his real game and not telling you the truth because
otherwise you would not be deceived. Schwarz is using the same tactics.
You are warned and the only thing I care about is the truth.

Now I understand why he did not even care to see this verse applied
about Ash & me: "What God hath joined together, let NO man put
asunder". (Mk 10:9) I saw the original criminal file of my husband
because he had nothing to hide from me, contrary to Schwarz who has
everything to hide from you, especially his real nature.

Marie M. Buchanan, M.Ps.
Researcher, Webmaster, Pastor-Assistant, Translator, Writer


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