Enough is enough!  
met the Immigration Officer last week and she told me my Visa is valid
until June 8th, 2007.  Why everybody is giving me a hard time in this
little Village about my Visa then?  (I am not implying she is wrong)  Listen:
Immigration border agent at the Fort Covington Port of Entry gave me a
hard time on Dec. 11th, 2006, one day before my husband’s burial – he
said my Visa was expired and when he heard that Ashley was dead he was just more mean to me
so I said to Ashley’s family:  “Oh no, they won’t even let me bury my
husband”! because I thought he would drop me in Canada on the spot
because of the way he was talking.  One of the witness said:  “This is harassment”! and this was coming from somebody who is not really my friend.
the border agent and Immigration officer separated us like cattle on
Nov. 3rd, 2004 at Ogdensburg Port of Entry and according to the
Immigration law:
“When a petition is approved for the husband,
wife, parent or unmarried minor child of a United States citizen, these
persons are classified as immediate relatives. They do not have to wait
for a visa number because immediate relatives are not subject to the
immigrant visa limit”.
were supposed to let me pass because anyway I was coming from U.S. with
my husband – precisely from North Carolina – and we wanted to live in
Canada but since we were married, the Canadian border agent stopped
Ashley so we went back to the U.S.   These guys
robbed us 19 precious months and all we had left is 5 ½ months so they
made the end of life of my husband a living hell without mentioning he
was sick to top all of it off).
this would not be enough, the Department of Motor vehicle in #####, New
York did not want to give me a learner permit, telling me my Visa was
expired.   And recently, this Department told me they would call the
cops on me if I would not return the plates because they did not want
to register my car to the State again.  I should add that I had to
“fight” (just presenting all my ID’s with no smile) to get the car
title because even that, they did not want to transfer to me but I got
What’s up?  What’s the problem of being a French Legal Educated Immigrant from Canada instead of being an Illegal  Bean Picker from Mexico? 
(Bush predicts amnesty bill for them this year)   It’s
not enough to have to deal with my husband’s recent death that I have
to be back on the battlefield again to solve this very serious problem
.   Something
is up about my Visa in this village for sure and we waited a very long
15 months for my Immigration process to be over – AND THIS IS ALL WE
GOT FROM WAITING ALL THIS TIME?!?  How I can work with that thing to be able to buy a decent monument for my Ash?   The
Immigration officer told me I have at least 7 weeks to wait to get my
new permanent resident card but I did not pay my apartment since 3
months already.  Do the calculation yourself if you think I am in a problem here or not.  Go back to Canada?  No way, I have things to do for
my Ash.
Marie Buchanan, M.Ps.
Researcher, Pastor-Assistant, Translator, Writer 

p.s.  by
the way I can not ask for Social Assistance, it would be a bad mark on
my Visa file and I have no criminal records, not even a parking ticket.


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