My Prayer to God by Marie Buchanan

Ashley was a so wonderful person.
It is difficult to not have his attention anymore.
He went to Heaven.

He did not die of natural death. They trashed his liver and kidneys.
It is not very easy to find a Christian Attorney located in Northern, New York who is willing to be paid pro bono.

That won’t raise Ashley from the death to sue the "doctors" but I can
not continue to live without seeing the murderers to have natural
consequences of their crime otherwise, I’d die.

They killed My Charming Prince. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back
very soon and Ashley will raise for the first Resurrection and I will
take his hand and met the Lord in the air with him.

By the
meantime, I am continuing to fight the good fight and I am
asking God in Jesus’ name to please help me to find a Christian
Attorney who would help me to remove the weight on my heart, soul,
spirit and heart because something has to be done about this but I am a
legal educated Immigrant and the collaboration of Immigration is not
very quick is what I can say. If you do not have the appropriate card,
you can not work and you can not have a learner permit to drive your
car so I have very limited means but I am serving an Amazing God and I
am trusting Him to help me to find this Attorney I need to sue these
criminals. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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