The gift I made to myself for my birthday – I wrote to Keith Olbermann for Ashley

Besides my own groups, newsletters and blogs, the only group I decided to post this is APFN.
For the Love of God,
The love of Ash
and the love of America.
p.s. I don’t wish the evil/stupid folks to bother me and I have good reactions these days so don’t attack me.

Dear Keith Olbermann,

am fighting to see justice for my husband who was not only killed by
negligence/bad services of hospitals – in particular the VA hospitals –
but also he was killed because U.S. Immigration parted us by force for
absolutely no reasons for 19 months. (even according to my friend, they
didn’t respect their own Immigration laws but this I need to verify) I
have nothing to lose in this world since I lost my husband.

if I am French Canadian, Sir I am a legal educated Immigrant and
Immigration is still playing with my green card even if my Congressman
wrote to the Officials of U.S. Immigration 3 weeks ago. They are
playing with it since June 16th, 2006 and Ashley and I requested it
again in August 2006. I can not even drive my car in this village
without this green card so I surely can not go to work. (I can not go
to work by bike in ##### – I would definitively freeze my buns off.) If
I wish to pay a monument and continue to pay for the funerals, then I
must do something to get this green card but for telling you the truth,
I would love to have a permanent fix with Immigration, to not have to
do business with them anymore.

My main concern is my husband.
I wasn’t able to save his life even if I fought with rage, (I was
communicating on a daily basis with the Congressman by emails and by
certified mail to his both main addresses and I called his office on
December 1st, 2006 and his office called the hospital the day after)
all I can do now is to prevent the poor’s death in the hospitals,
especially the VA hospitals and also to prevent U.S. citizens like my
husband to have an emotional torture to be parted from their loved ones.

am copying for you what my friend Adam Bartlett wrote to the
Congressman below, hoping to help you to see what’s going on because I
am taking in consideration I am extremely wounded, Sir – I lost my
Ashley two months ago – and the only one who truly fully can understand
me is God Himself because of the emotional torture involved when the
last doctor decided to let my husband shut down, step by steps,
beginning by his liver, his kidneys, his lungs, etc…coupled with the
19 months of Immigration business.

I can help American folks that we are now living in AmeriKa, adding
what I said above about my other goals, then you get the idea and by
the way, I am not scared so if you would invite me to your show, I am a
very polite person but I’ll tell my mind. My husband was American Sir
and he is buried on the American soil and I won’t leave the American
soil and God knows how far I am willing to go to fight for Justice for

With Regards,

Marie Buchanan
Here is the letter my friend sent to the Congressman John M. McHugh this evening:

Alpha & Omega
Outreach Ministries
P.O.Box ########
Adam ####:##### Cell:####### email: adb
Kevin :###### Cell:######, email: kjw
Web Page:

To Whom It May Concern:

have known Marie Buchanan for about 6-7 years and I also knew of her
marriage to Mr. Ashley Buchanan. I also know of the ministry they
shared and have participated in it with them on several occasions. I
have followed Marie’s battle with the American Government since her
marriage and trying to get into the United States and gain citizenship.
It is amazing to me how many “illegals” get the red carpet treatment
yet a Veteran and his new bride are treated like communists.

ordeal that Marie has had to endure throughout her marriage and
Ashley’s illness and subsequent death is something you would expect in
a communist country. I am appalled at the way this situation has been
handled and most especially the treatment in making Marie’s transition
into our country and literal nightmare.

I believe there should
be a complete investigation into the V.A. Hospital that treated Ashley
and I believe criminal charges should be filed against those that were
negligent. As for the current situation about Marie’s status into this
country, that should not even be in question. This government owes it
to the wife of a Veteran to make this situation right and stop
harassing her in her attempt to become a citizen.

treatment like this it is no surprise that there are hundreds of
thousands of “illegals” because trying to do what is right is
impossible with our incompetent government.

As an American
citizen and a Veteran of our Armed Forces I am imploring you to do the
right thing and stop this crazy charade with Marie.

Sincerely, Adam Bartlett


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