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Repent America Update 10/14/06


Dear Friends,

had a powerful time of ministry at this year’s OutFest, which was held
in Philadelphia on Sunday, October 8. Thousands of people attended
the annual public celebration of sin, and our ministry was there, once
again, to speak the truth about homosexuality and the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. Several people under conviction came forward to speak
privately with our ministry volunteers about their struggles with
homosexuality. At one point, a lesbian broke down in tears, and asked,
"Is there hope for me?"

The following article appeared
in yesterday’s edition (Oct. 13) of the Philadelphia Gay News:

NYC woman arrested at OutFest

Timothy Cwiek
PGN Writer-at-large
© 2006 Philadelphia Gay News

A sunny autumn day was the backdrop for OutFest 2006, the annual
celebration of National Coming Out Day in Center City.

But the day did have minor flaws.

Nicole Zeak, 27, of New York City, allegedly threw a bag
of food at Michael Marcavage, leader of Repent America, a
Delaware County fundamentalist
Christian group.

projectile, however, hit Officer Rhonda Smith instead of Marcavage,
said Capt. William V. Fisher of the Civil Affairs Unit, who witnessed
the incident.

At about 12:40
on the
200 block of
South 13th Street, Zeak was arrested and
charged with disorderly conduct, said Fisher.

Additional information was unavailable at press time.

is always one of my great concerns, the safety of everyone involved in
any gay event where Mr. Marcavage is present because of the fact that
people exhibit their frustration in various ways,” added Fisher.

Marcavage said he felt no threat from Zeak.

was a nonchalant reaction to our presence and there was no harm done,”
Marcavage said. “I was not threatened whatsoever by that. I’ve spoken
at dozens of homosexual-related events, and I’ve never been physically
harmed thus far. I do, however, believe the police handled the
situation properly.”

“It’s a comfort to have so many pro-gay religious activists here,” said
Keith Arnoldy, 26, a teacher from Mayfair. “It’s good to know
that it’s to be Christian and gay.”

Westerfer, 32, a cab driver from Tacony, called Marcavage an idiot. “If
your God’s not gonna allow me into heaven because I’m gay, then I don’t
want any part of that God,” Westerfer told Marcavage.

participants questioned Marcavage about his ability to interpret the
Bible. But Marcavage remained unflustered, saying he wanted to focus on
helping people avoid eternal damnation.

But not all of the day’s disagreements centered on religion.

Donna Mae Stemmer, 73, a Pennsauken, N.J., transgender
attorney, sported a pink
Dallas cap, prompting several
people to chant, “The Dallas Cowboys suck!”

Carter, 58, a retired teacher from Southwest Philly, wore a pink Eagles
hat and said he was taking Stemmer’s cap in stride.

“We’d never let a sporting event come between us.”

pray for our ongoing federal lawsuit related to OutFest 2004, where
eleven Christians with our ministry were jailed and charged under
Pennsylvania’s "hate crimes" law, and for our case against the
Pennsylvania legislature for the unconstitutional manner in which the
law was passed. Additionally, please pray for our upcoming pro-life
evangelism tour from October 23-27. We will be visiting numerous high
schools and college campuses in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey with
the truth about abortion and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you would
like to participate, please contact us, or if
you would like to make a donation to help cover the costs of this
week-long outreach, you may do so by clicking here.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Serving the King,

Michael Marcavage

Repent America is an evangelistic ministry based in the birthplace of
America, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



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