From Marie Buchanan:

That’s the way Immigration are treating U.S./Canadian couples from my
experience.  That’s the way Ashley died.  They killed him twice. The
truth need to be published since I am alive.

1-  To help the
folks who have a hard time for nothing with Immigration because you are
a legal educated Christian Immigrant from Canada. (here’s an example
below but her last name is removed to protect her on the net)
2-  To help folks who have a hard time with a VA hospitals.
3 – To help to do Justice to my husband, a Wonderful man Ashley M. Buchanan. 
Please check this out:

I am ready to fight back.  They declared the war to me by killing him twice.

In His Service,

Marie Buchanan <> wrote: Date:
Wed, 3 Jan 2007 14:38:55 -0500 (EST)
From: Marie Buchanan <>
Subject: Re: Gladys says to contact you.
To: Candace

They killed us twice sweetheart. 
They killed us on Nov. 3rd. 2004
and they killed my husband at a VA Hospital on December 5th, 2006. 
know you know nothing about the VA hospitals like I didn’t know myself
because I was from Canada but I wish you to know they gave him bad
services/negligence and that kill him.
More at:

Candace wrote:

Hello Marie
am candace _____ from Canada. I was the facilitator of the
International Propetic group before Gladys. I have been sharing with
her about what I have been going through with US Immigration. I am
engaged with an american in Aug 2005 we began requesting immigration
information to what we had to do when married. What we were told then
was get married & applied for a marriage visa. So we had planned
that. The wedding was to take place here in Canada & then we were
going to return to the states. Unfortunately my fiancee was very excited when he arrived at Canadian customs & said he was coming to get married. Thus was turned away from the border.
I thought I would go down to the states then & marry him….nope.
The had changed rules & regulations & I was not allowed in but
had to apply for a fiancee visa. We did that. Close to the end of the
waiting period we were informed that they had once more changed the
rules & regulations & thus were rejected. We would either have
to reapply or appeal. In Dec. I was going to go on a 3 day holiday with
my Dad & his girlfriend to Vegas, but once more turned back at the border & informed that I couldn’t go with a visa pending.
We contacted our immigration lawyer & he informed us that when an
immigrant marries an american they have the same rights as the
american, & if it takes place on American soil, that person doesn’t
have to leave. Oh! no wonder they were having a fit at the border. What
a faux pau. We were also encouraged to get married in a 3rd country
& apply for a marriage visa instead. I know I will have to come
back to Canada after the marriage & wait…  However Heavenly Father has been very encouraging about the whole situation.
I understand that you are – engaged or married to an American? how is it going for you?
God Bless
Marie Buchanan
Researcher, Pastor-Assistant, Translator


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