Please communicate with Congressman McHugh for someone who could die now !!!

I don’t understand what in the hell is going on….

guys at the ICU in ##### tried to get rid of Ashley by sending him back
to a VA Hospital which we were totally disagree with the kind of
experience we we just lived there – see my letter to Congressman John
M. McHugh below for a summary of it…..and then a woman came yesterday
to get rid of Ashley by sending him on a waiting list in Rochester, New
York for a liver transplant while telling us that would take at least a
couple of weeks just to have the Privilege (capital P) to have an
Evaluation (capital E) when Ashley could die on the waiting list there
while not being able to see me and then a doctor at the ICU said to Ash
today he will release him in two (2) days maximum because he can’t keep
him there. 

Ashley is really yellow yet and very weak.  I
don’t understand what in the hell is going on with these folks.  I
truly don’t.  Do you understand something?  Ashley told me that may be
because he didn’t pay the hospital bills yet but with the VA
administration not increasing the amount for two persons – we have 881
$ per month, I wonder how in the hell Ashley could pay the hospital
bills when we are missing money to eat.  I just immigrated in the U.S.
and Ashley began to have problems with the hospitals 2 weeks after – a
real living hell – and the living hell is still going on.  Ashley asked
for the increase at least 5 months ago because he is married with me
(two mouths instead of one) and we are still waiting.

is the letter/email I sent to Congressman John McHugh.  Don’t bother me
if you don’t want to petition for Ashley’s life ok?
since his liver is shutting down, his heart could stop any time – if you wish to judge me, just pass me by.   
email me to bother me.  Oh, and the moderators/and or/owners of mailing
lists who aren’t happy with this simple request can delete my
membership in their groups/mailing lists, I don’t care to be with guys
who are just blah-blah-blah over the internet but don’t care about
anybody else than to hear themselves talking and admiring themselves
because they can prononce empty words.
Here is the link to contact him:
Below is the explanations why I am asking you to communicate with this Congressman.

Thank you.


November 29th, 2006

To Congressman John M. McHugh,
From:  Marie Buchanan
Martine Hamel (maiden name)
Ashley M. Buchanan’s wife
Dear Sir,
I had an interview in Montreal, Canada on May 24th, 2006 and my husband, Ashley M. Buchanan was already in communication with you I got my Visa on June 12th, 2006 in my mail and I literally quit my gov’t job at Statistics Canada to join Ashley on June 16th, 2006 in the U.S.   I appreciated your intervention. 
I am communicating with you is because my husband’s liver is actually
shutting down and Dr. Riccardo Turrin told us that since his liver is
in this state his heart could stop anytime and of course, we told them
at least three times we wish Ashley to be resuscitated.
It’s not because we didn’t go to the hospitals…  What we lived with the VA Hospitals is just unbelievable – I am not going in the very details because I could write a book.  Ashley was first admitted at the ##### Memorial Hospital at the emergency room on June 29th, 2006 (few days after our reunification after the completion of the Immigration process) and he was released on July 1st, 2006.  He was admitted second by the VA Office in ###### on Oct 16th, 2006 and was transferred on Oct. 19th,
2006 at the Albany VA Hospital and he was just released on November
22nd, 2006 before entering at the emergency unit yesterday afternoon.  My husband is actually at the Intensive Care Unit
at the ##### Memorial Hospital and we entered through the emergency of the same hospital.  Here
we are after all these fights, Ashley’s system is about to shut down
because after the liver is shutting down, the kidneys will follow, etc,
etc, etc… First, his lungs were so filled they could collapse anytime
at his first admission on June 29th, 2006.  Second,
his lungs were filled back up again and he suffocated twice before
being admitted at the Albany VA Hospital because of the red tape.  Even
the membrane of his belly was filled with infection and there is a
possibility of the beginning of a cancer in his liver because there is
a mass inside it and we don’t know if it’s cancer or not.  We
fought a lot to say the least (especially Ashley who had two
interventions without painkillers even if Fentanyl could be used for
one of them and I have proofs of it) but here we are…..

all I want is Ashley to be alive, well and healthy and I am more than
willing to work for that What Ashley really needs is a liver and the
sooner is the better, but….I must add right now Ashley just had two
interventions without a painkiller – this is a lot of physical stress –
so like I just told him on the phone he is the first person (even
before the doctors…or even me) knowing if he is strong enough to get a
liver transplant at this point or not because I don’t wish him to get
one if he knows he is not strong enough to get it soon.  I truly believe Ashley is extremely exhausted from his two VA hospital experiences and this is not good before a big
surgery like a liver transplant.  I
would love so much to forget the VA Hospitals even if they are free
because I truly feel after all this time in the VA Hospitals Ashley
would have the time to die before having a liver transplant – according
to what Ashley just made me realized yesterday, he is not even on a
liver transplant list yet (it’s unbelievable) even if his liver is
almost un-fonctionnal (Cirrhosis of the liver and Hepatitis C because
exposed to chemical products) with the symptoms appearing at the very
least since last June – because I am not talking about what Ashley
passed through before June with this little VA Office in Massena…so he
began to seek help before June 2006.
am willing to go anywhere in the U.S., get a good job (I am actually in
the Village of Massena, New York and all I can get here is jobs in
Wal-Mart or Dollarama) – I have a master’s degree, I am a translator
and I am willing to do whatever job to pay a liver compatible to
Ashley’s body and of course get an assurance for Ashley to help us to
pay, if this is possible at that point.  Ashley’s sister Anne just told me this: 
sicker you are the sooner you will get the transplant. However
everybody goes on a waiting list” and I am willing to go on that route
and pay for everything instead of relying on free VA Hospitals and pay
the big price:  Ashley’s life.  Ashley’s life his priceless to me because he is the best man I could ever find on earth. 
need to mention Ashley is not in a VA Hospital or office but actually
at the Intensive Care Unit of the ##### Memorial Hospital and because
Ashley was truly not able to call the VA Office (their non-flexible
rules) before going to the emergency unit by ambulance – I had to call
the ambulance because Ash wasn’t aware of his bad state enough – like
he wasn’t able to sign the papers in the shape he was in so I signed
the admission papers and we will get the bill instead of the VA paying
it simply because he didn’t call them first before going to the
emergency room but anyway their office was closed at 4:00 p.m. on
Thursday and I called the ambulance about 5:00 p.m. and I wasn’t
willing to wait another business day.  The phone numbers to contact the ICU:  (315) 769-4231 or (315) 769-4643 and Ashley’s direct phone number at his room ######.
am willing to do what it need to be done legally to get the best
hospital in the U.S. and the best doctor in the U.S for Ashley because
he is in a very critical state even if he is stable yet but I don’t
know how to get these precious informations and have Ashley to go there
by helicopter and be taking care of IMMEDIATELY because he
desesperately needs IMMEDIATE COMPETENT AND KIND ATTENTION.  PLEASE HELP !!!  Please refer him to the best doctor in the U.S. for his particular case – I truly don’t care how much this will cost to me.  One
doctor confirmed me what I found out with my VA Hospitals experience –
since we are living in a Village, we have to go over the red tape for a
bed for Ashley in another VA Hospital and we have to go over the red
tape to get a liver transplant in another VA Hospital for Ashley.  I am absolutely sure my husband would die in this system because they aren’t competent enough to say the least.  Ashley is yellow all over so I cannot wait anymore.


By the way, Ashley is an Honorably Discharged Veteran.   Whatever informations or phone numbers will be provided as needed.  Seems
at this point the TIPS procedure done by a non-VA-hospital went well –
they did ultra sounds and Ash told me he would know by now if something
would be wrong. 
At the Albany VA Hospital, they gave him astronomic amonths of meat but since Ashley thought they known what they were
doing since they are supposed to be doctors, nurses and dieteticians, he took it.  Now
I know what contributed to this liver failure.…my husband needed to be
on low protein diet and they changed this when it was already too late
simply because his ammonia level was going regularly to the roof at
this VA Hospital and this never happened at home.  And they did other very big mistakes I mentioned in my journal.
Looking forward to hear from you soon, Mr. McHugh.  I don’t wish to discourage you but that is the sad truth with the VA Hospitals – in fact  I
discovered very interesting and pertinent articles about them so Ashley
and I won’t change our mind on them because that would cause HIS DEATH.
With Kind Regards,
Marie Buchanan, M.Ps.
Researcher, Pastor-Assistant, Translator
Email address:

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