Re: [ALERT] Judge Roy Moore Needs Your Help

Quote: The Ten Commandments was
illegally removed from the Alabama Supreme Court — by one
federal judge.

What a shame…..
And…..that’s a wonderful monument, don’t you think so?!?

Quote: After all, if we are a government "of the People," then
the People should decide what values their community will embrace!

Hum….I am not agree with this phrase simply
because most folks in America are ungodly so if the majority should
decide what values their community will embrace, then we would have
ungodly values… Godly folks should run the country and the folks
who aren’t agree with God’s word should immigrate and/or stay in a
country where God’s word is not there. Period.

In His Service,

Marie Buchanan wrote:

On November 7 the citizens of this one small city have the opportunity
to reverse decades of judicial activism across America:
Click Below Now to help this effort to steamroll across the nation and
stop activist judges once and for all!

Action Now!

This CONSERVATIVE ALERT is a special message for Ashley and Marie
Buchanan from the Christian Defense Coalition:

Dear Friend,

On November 7, 2006,
you can help make history. The citizens of Boise, Idaho, have the rare
opportunity to vote on whether or not a Ten Commandments monument may
be re-installed in a city park. But the message needs to reach
the people.

As you know, I was
removed from my position as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court
in 2003 for refusing to obey an unlawful federal court order which
called for the removal of the Ten Commandments monument in the Alabama
Judicial Building. While the monument was moved following my own
removal from office, you have the opportunity to help Boise citizens
proclaim loudly that, yes, they can KEEP THE TEN COMMANDMENTS!

A recent national
poll indicated that a resounding 73% of American citizens are in favor
of displaying the Ten Commandments in public.

I know the Keep the
Ten Commandments Coalition would appreciate your moral and financial
assistance for their efforts to keep the Word of God displayed in
public for the continued prosperity and future of our Nation, our
children, and our grandchildren. Please read the important letter
below, and help STOP activist judges once and for all.

May God bless you,

Roy S. Moore
Former Chief Justice
Alabama Supreme Court

Dear Friend of

This election you
and I have an historic opportunity. A chance to help one small city
take a giant step toward reversing the trend toward a complete loss of
religious freedom in our beloved America

You see, once
activist judges began stripping every semblance of religious life from
public display, many Christians threw up their hands and ceded the
battle as lost once and for all.

But your ability to
live out your faith in the public square may not be lost after all. In

Click Here to

Let me explain. . .

Believe it or not,
on November 7, 2006, the people of Boise, Idaho will become the first
community in American history to openly vote FOR or AGAINST the public
display of the 10 Commandments. And that vote will affect the nation.

Here’s why:

Back in January of
2004, the Boise City Council ordered the 10 Commandments removed from a
local park where they had stood for over 40 years! Immediately,
the Christian Defense Coalition began working in Boise, with local
people, to form the Keep the Commandments Coalition.

This group — local
Christians, pastors, and community leaders — fought city officials for
70 days to protect our First Amendment rights and keep the Commandments
in the park.

But they lost. In
March, 2004 the City removed the Commandments. But Boise Christians
— and the Christian Defense Coalition — didn’t quit
. Together
with us, these passionate defenders of liberty came up with a unique
strategy that unbelievably hasn’t been tried on a local level anywhere

After all, if we are
a government "of the People," then the People should decide what values
their community will embrace! These decisions should NOT be left up
to the courts
nor to bureaucrats afraid of the ACLU.

In fact, this
historic voter initiative in Boise totally re-shapes the national
debate on displaying the Commandments
Because up until now,
you see, Christians have "played defense" to the ACLU as it has used
the courts to make "end runs" around the will of a majority of

But now, this voter
initiative puts believers like you and me "on offense" and forces the
ACLU and its ilk to play catch-up! We believe, with your help,
we’ll win this vote in Boise and keep the Commandments on public

Click Here to

Not only that, but
the Christian Defense Coalition will use this one victory to launch a
series of voter initiatives all over America! Precisely-targeted
surgical strikes that will be the ACLU’s worst nightmare!

Just think of all
the damage the left has accomplished merely over the past few years —
unconstitutionally using federal courts to illegally enact laws than
ban public expression of religion:

  • Prayer and the Bible have been ripped from the public schools,
  • Students are denied the right to pray at sports events,
  • Valedictorian speeches are being censored because the student
    mentions faith in Jesus Christ,
  • Public schools no longer sing Christmas Carols,
  • Students are being sent home because they wear Christian
  • "One Nation Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance has
    been declared unconstitutional
    by a federal judge,
  • The Ten Commandments was illegally removed from the
    Alabama Supreme Court — by one federal judge. Then Chief Justice Roy
    Moore was removed from office because he valued the Constitution above
    a federal judge’s opinion.

You see, the framers of
our country built a nation that promised freedom OF religion, not
freedom FROM religion. They would be stunned to see public religious
expression in modern America crushed and trampled by federal courts and
government bureaucrats.

That’s because their
dream was that every American should have the right to worship God and
raise their children according to the dictates of their conscience,
free from government interference and harassment.

Our Founders knew
that freedom of religion and morality would be the cords that hold our
nation together.

President John Adams
said it best:

have no government armed with power capable of contending with human
passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition,
revenge, or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our
Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made
only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the
government of any other."

America’s greatness
does not come from military power or a prosperous economy.

Rather, our
greatness comes from our collective faith in God, our strong moral
core, and our freedom to openly worship the Lord.

Therefore, we must
do all in our power to keep our religious liberties honored, protected,
and cherished.

You see, as Director
of the Christian Defense Coalition I’m often asked, "can Christians do
anything to stem the tide of hostility and tyranny against public
expressions of faith?" At times there seems to be little or no hope.

BUT, my response to
that question is a resounding YES!!! There is much the
Christian community can do. And right now the citizens of Boise,
Idaho are standing up for the religious liberty of all of us!

Please stand with
the believers of Boise and the Christian Defense Coalition.

Join with Chief
Justice Roy Moore in helping us win this historic voter initiative.

Click Here to

This first-ever
vote on the display of the Commandments is a "must-win" for all of us
— including YOU!
We estimate the cost of a winning campaign in
Boise to be $30,000. That’s a mighty small price to pay for a
rebirth of freedom

And as you can see,
the national "ripple effect" this will have in other communities makes
it something every American Christian can support with joy.

So if you can donate
$1,000 or more, please do! Or please consider contributing at least
$500, $100, $50, or whatever you can afford. Because every gift is
a precious investment in your and my religious freedom

The Christian
Defense Coalition is a nationwide Christ-centered activist ministry
that’s been at the forefront of protecting and safeguarding your right
to express your faith in public.

And we stand firmly
for the life of the unborn and are helping to raise up a new generation
of Christian leadership through teaching, discipleship and public
Christian activism.

Since 1991 we’ve had
a prophetic burden to call the church to repentance and urgently seek
God for a biblically based spiritual awakening in the light of
impending judgment for our national sins.

Now your gift will
help bring victory on Nov. 7th AND provide the momentum for similar
victories in city after city.

And that means
future generations — your grandchildren and mine — will bless us for
paying the price for their freedom to express their faith publicly and
openly, without fear.

Click Here to

If you prefer to
donate by check, please send to:

Christian Defense
P.O. Box 77168
Dept. Code 7
Washington, DC 20013

Thank you! God bless
you for doing all you can.

Yours for God’s

Pat Mahoney

P.S. My friend, I’m
deeply convinced the Lord is behind this grassroots, citizen-driven
initiative. And I’m also convinced it’s the key to rolling back the
"anti-God" faction that has already robbed us of so much of our
religious freedom. Please, don’t let this historic opportunity slip

Click Here to

Paid for by the
Christian Defense Coalition


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