Liberal Hypocrisy in Foley Scandal

Liberal Hypocrisy in Foley Scandal

Right at the outset, it must be said that former
Congressman Mark Foley’s conduct was reprehensible an outrage and a
scandal. Resignation isn’t enough — not by a long-shot. This sexual
predator should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

But the left’s hypocrisy here is staggering. Mark
is a corrupt individual who tried to seduce adolescent boys. Liberals
have created the climate in which such sickness flourishes.

Who’s trying to deconstruct marriage? Who is
persecuting the Boy Scouts for trying to keep gay men — potential
predators like Foley — from taking young boys into the woods on camping
trips? Would we allow heterosexual males to sleep in tents with
adolescent girls?

And who embraces a movement intent on lowering or
abolishing age of consent laws? For that matter, who blocked a Senate
vote on a bill which would have made it a federal crime to take
underage girls across state lines to have an abortion, thereby escaping
parental notification requirements in their home states? In most cases,
these girls aren’t impregnated by adolescent boys but by adult sexual
predators — Mark Foley’s heterosexual counterparts.

It’s not just about Mark Foley, my friends, but
atmosphere in which such creatures thrive. It’s that culture that must
be challenged and that ethos that must be exposed and opposed.
Otherwise, we will have learned nothing from this tragic episode.

And all of the above is precisely why pastors must
encourage people of faith to take their Biblical convictions into the
polling places, voting the rascals out and replacing them with
God-fearing, Christ-honoring, values candidates. Without a national
moral-revival, our nation will fail.


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