NBC Tries To Water Down Religious Content of “Veggie Tales”

NBC Tries To Water Down
Religious Content of "Veggie Tales"

The latest front in the culture war is a Saturday morning cartoon. Apparently, NBC believes the mild religious expression in episodes of the popular video “VeggieTales” is too controversial.
The series involves Vegetables that sing, dance and impart valuable life lessons. But NBC considers some of the content too much for children who can experience nudity and profanity on cable TV.
At the end of one episode, Bob The Tomato tells children, “Remember kids, God made you special and he loves you very much.” NBC executives claimed the 30-minute show was too long (it wasn’t) and demanded that the line be cut.
But it’s that very religious content that has made “VeggieTales” a sensation and a success. Since 1993, parents have purchased more than 52 million copies of “VeggieTales” videos at stores like Wal-Mart and Target.
Coincidently, last week it was announced that notwithstanding a nationwide protest by American Family Association, NBC will allow Madonna to include a mock crucifixion in her upcoming special.
Apparently, this denigration of Christianity is covered by artistic expression, but a cartoon with a religious message is going too far. What a world we live in, my friends.
To send a e-mail protesting NBC’s decision to censor “VeggieTales,” click here.


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