Congress To Again Take Up Parental Notification Legislation


Congress To Again Take Up Parental Notification Legislation

Before Congress adjourns at the end of this week, pro-life forces are expected to make another push for parental notification legislation. Bills have passed both the House and Senate making it a federal crime to transport a minor across state lines for an abortion in order to evade parental notification requirements in the child’s home state.
Under pressure from boyfriends, or lured by abortion-providers, minor girls frequently go out of state for abortions to avoid parental notification statutes, thus keeping parents in the dark about an operation that will effect their child’s physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.
Opinion polls show upwards of 80% of the public support parental notification.
Since July, Senate Democrats have thrown up procedural obstacles to a conference committee to reconcile House and Senate versions of the law. Yesterday, the House voted on and adopted the Senate’s language by a vote of 264-153. But the bill still has to be voted on once more in the Senate, and Planned Parenthood’s favorite politicians are expected to make every effort to block such a vote. On July 25, the Senate version passed with 65 votes, including those of 14 Democrats. If pro-lifers can keep the support of 60 of those Senators, the party of death will be prevented from blocking a final vote.
Click here to send an urgent message to your U.S. Senators in support of this measure. We have also included a list of the 14 Senators that represent the swing votes.  I urge you to make your voice heard on this life-and-death matter.


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