breast cancer, lymphomas, leukemia, arthritis, heart damage, Parkinson’s, Sickle Cell Anemia

This CONSERVATIVE ALERT is a special message for Ashley Buchanan from

ALERT: This week, the U.S. Senate will debate three important bills dealing with stem-cell research and cloning. The U.S. Senate hasn’t had a bioethics debate since 1997 — so really, it’s about time that they take a look at these issues.

The only problem is, one of the bills they’re debating — H.R. 810, the "Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act" — would require federal funding of research using stem cells obtained by killing human embryos. This is just plain wrong; thankfully, there are alternatives that can be passed instead.

Billions of dollars funding embryonic stem cell research have yet to cure a single human patient. On the other hand, adult stem cells have already produced 70 cures or treatments for various conditions, including various cancers such as breast cancer, lymphomas, leukemia, arthritis, heart damage, Parkinson’s, Sickle Cell Anemia and other disorders.

If we’re going to fund research, let’s at least fund it where it’s been proven to work! Another measure — S. 2754, the "Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act" — encourages the federal government to fund research into alternative ways to obtain embryonic stem cells without destroying human life. THAT is the bill that should reach the President’s desk!

In addition, a third bill — S. 3504, the "Fetus Farming Prohibition Act" — will also be voted on. This bill would ban the practice known as "fetal farming," where scientists specifically create human embryos — a human baby who has been gestated in a woman’s womb — for the sole purpose of destroying them for their stem cells.

It sounds really strange, but scientists have already done work in animals where, since they couldn’t get the cells they wanted from the embryonic stem cells in the dish, they have gestated animals — and would like to gestate human beings — up to some point where they could harvest the tissues they want. That’s obviously a horrendous idea, and we need to get into law that this is NOT allowed.

So instead of just opposing a bad bill, we have the opportunity to also support two good bills — but we need to contact the Senate NOW, as they debate the bills THIS WEEK.

TAKE ACTION: President Bush has promised to exercise his very first veto if H.R. 810 passes, and there’s not a 2/3 majority in both houses that could override his veto. So, we need to encourage our Senators to pass GOOD bioethics legislation that the President CAN sign.

You can’t beat something with nothing, and we need to be FOR good legislation in addition to being AGAINST bad legislation. Thankfully, we have that opportunity right now. Click below NOW to send a free message to both of your Senators, asking them to "choose life" and vote FOR S. 2754 and S. 3504, and AGAINST H.R. 810:

NOTE: Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to help tell the Senate to choose LIFE among the upcoming stem cell bills. Thank you!


William Greene, President


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