Wal-Mart asks for, and receives, permission to join homosexual marriage group

August 31

Wal-Mart asks for, and receives, permission to join homosexual marriage group

August 31, 2006

Wal-Mart asks for, and receives, permission to join homosexual marriage group

<http://www.afaaction.net> The Washington Briefing - 2006 Values Voter Summit -
September 22-24, 2006Wal-Mart comes out of the closet

Dear Ralph,


Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world, has asked for and received
permission to join the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. The NGLCC is a leading promoter of homosexual marriage. 

<http://www.afa.net/walmartadage.htm> "Wal-Mart Partners With Gay and Lesbian Group"

Although Wal-Mart has never excluded homosexuals from being employees, customers, or suppliers, the company wanted to be more closely identified with promoting the homosexual agenda. Wal-Mart is now a "corporate member" of the NGLCC, putting their approval on the NGLCC's efforts to abolish the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. A Wal-Mart vice president will serve as an advisor to the NGLCC, helping them promote homosexual marriage.

Wal-Mart agreed to give $25,000 to the NGLCC and to pay for two conferences scheduled by NGLCC. Also, Wal-Mart will give homosexual-owned businesses special treatment when making purchases. Companies not owned by homosexuals will be moved down the list.

NGLCC called Wal-Mart's action "part of the company's ongoing commitment to advancing diversity (homosexuality) among all of its associate, supplier and customer bases."

Wal-Mart is offering the same kind of support for homosexual marriage which Ford Motor Company has been giving to homosexual groups for years.

Take Action

1. Send your email to Wal-Mart.

2. Wal-Mart often blocks our emails. To make sure your voice is heard, please call Wal-Mart's home office headquarters and ask for Chairman Rob Walton at 479-273-4000. Also, call your local Wal-Mart manager and express your concerns. Please, be polite when you call!

3. Print out and distribute our specially produced 
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Click Here to Email Wal-Mart Chairman Rob Walton Now!

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Religion enters Russian schools

Religion enters Russian schools

The Orthodox Christian religion is being made a compulsory school
subject in four of Russia’s regions.

Pupils in the Belgorod, Bryansk, Kaluga and Smolensk
regions will be taught the basics of Orthodox Christianity.

It will also be included as an optional subject in
the school curriculum in 11 other regions across the country.

Supporters say the move will help protect traditional
spiritual values in Russia. Critics say it violates the constitution of
the secular state.

In the Soviet Union the teaching of religion was
strictly outlawed in schools and elsewhere.

Orthodox Christianity is Russia’s main religion, but
country’s Muslim community makes up more than 10% of the total
population. There are 86 regions and republics in the Russian

Responding to the regions’ move, the central
watchdog body, Rosobraznadzor, said the Church was separate from the
state, so the basics of Orthodox Christianity should only be taught as
an optional subject.

The introduction of the new subject comes after
lawmakers in the 15 regions backed the move.

Russian Education Minister Andrei Fursenko also
support, saying "schoolchildren must know the history of religion and
religious culture".

He said it was a matter for the regions to decide.

"This year, a textbook on the history of world
is available for the first time. It pays a lot of attention to Russian
Orthodox Christianity," he said.

One of the regions named told the BBC that the
planned for its schools would concentrate on history rather than
questions of faith, the BBC’s James Rodgers reports from Moscow.

Nevertheless Muslim leaders have responded by saying
that they will ask for lessons on Islamic culture to be extended.

The Anthrax Vaccine

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Category: News
and Politics


am a veteran that recieved the Anthrax vaccine. I have since been
experiencing mysterious symptoms of autoimmune disease that I recently
found out has been linked to it in tests and research by a few doctors
and scientists, but has been denied by the DOD. For more info go to
www.vaccine-a.com or read Gary Matsumoto’s book "Vaccine A"

years, my symptoms were down-played and ignored by military medical
personnel, and my medical records were "lost", as well as my shot
records altered as to which anthrax vaccine lots I received. The DOD
has since stopped manditory vaccination, but still denies any adverse
effects in vets who received the shots. Please sign this petition if
you want Congress to push for more investigation and action on this
matter. Do it for the sake of all of our vets who may be suffering from
this vaccine. Help put a stop to using our troops as unwitting guinea

Consequently, and important to civilians, is that Mr.
Matsumoto wrote this book two years ago, and he mentioned then unheard
of prototype HPV and HIV vaccines, which you will notice have been in
the news lately. In his book, he believes that the HPV and HIV vaccines
contained the same ingredient which is in the anthrax vaccines and is
suspected of causing the autoimmune diseases (AKA Gulf War Syndrome) in
veterans. So the civilian population might be next!!

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Governor of California Criminalizes Christianity

of California Criminalizes Christianity

In a remarkably arrogant
breach of his responsibility to be Governor
of all the people of California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger yielded
to homosexual demands and signed into law a law that criminalizes Bible
believing people in the state.

On the surface, SB 1441 would add
"sexual orientation" to an anti-discrimination statute dealing with how
state funds are handed out. The bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Sheila James
Kuehl, an openly gay legislator, claims the law will "close an
important gap in California’s nondiscrimination laws." But in reality,
what has transpired will result in giving radical homosexual activists
in the state the legal ammunition to shut down and criminalize any
preacher who happens to believe and practice Romans 1 as a matter of
conscience, and thereby gives a homosexual activist cause to “feel”
threatened by such preaching.

Mona Passignano, state issues analyst for Focus on the Family Action,
said what the bill really does is insidious.

it will actually do is create an atmosphere in which businesses and
organizations that receive state funding cannot speak about
homosexuality in any way which might be perceived as being negative,"
she said. "Funding could be taken away if somebody perceives that they
have been discriminated against for their gender identity."

pointed out that the law could arguably include a church no longer
being able to get police or fire protection from a city, if the pastor
preaches from Romans 1 about the biblical view of homosexuality.

preacher nor any follower of Christ should ever condemn or ridicule
another human being for any practice or behavior, as our Lord commands
us to love all people the same. We do, however, have a Biblical
mandate to confront sinful behavior, always with a sense of compassion
and spirit of love that recognizes the truth, that but for the grace of
God, there go I. As of Monday, in California, that kind of preaching
could be an indictable offense. Christianity has been criminalized in

California reminds us all of what happens when the
church fails to engage the culture. We are not winning the war for the
soul of America because we are too few or our God too weak. We are
losing because we don’t show up for the battle. It is time for all
Pastors to consider becoming a Patriot
. And it time for all of you reading this alert to
consider becoming a Patriot

this ministry is making a difference. Why not invest a portion of your
regular giving, as many who read this newsletter each week already do.
and consider joining our team and helping us with this
important work.

We need thousands of faithful people like you praying for us and
supporting us if we are going to affect the kind of changes we are
praying for in America.

I deeply appreciate you.

Add to ACLU your Christmas List!

Mon, 28 Aug 2006 09:13:29 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)


Add to ACLU your Christmas List!


just received this from Donna, my sister in all, and think it is a good
idea. Of course, it will make them angry BUT if they receive millions
of cards at least they will know how many there are of us! This is one
simple thing we can do, we’ve been silent too long!

Have some fun
and do something really worthwhile too!

Want to have some fun this CHRISTMAS? Send
Add them to
your Christmas card list now.
As they are working so very hard to get rid
of the CHRISTMAS part
of this holiday, we should all send them a
nice, CHRISTIAN, card to

Brighten up
their dark, sad, little world.
Make sure it
says "Merry Christmas" on it.

the Address, just don’t be rude or crude.


Broad Street


New York, NY 10004

Two tons of
Christmas cards would freeze their operations because t
hey wouldn’t
know if any were regular mail containing contributions.
So spend 39 cents
and tell the ACLU to leave Christmas alone.
Also tell them t
hat there is no
such thing as a Holiday Tree. . . . It’s a Christmas tree;
even in the
And pass this on to your email lists. We
really want to communicate
With the ACLU!
They really DESERVE us!!

Thelma Arnold’s identity was betrayed by AOL records of her Web searches

A Face Is Exposed for AOL Searcher No. 4417749

Published: August 9, 2006

Buried in a list of 20 million Web search queries
collected by AOL and recently released on the Internet is user No.
4417749. The number was assigned by the company to protect the
searcher’s anonymity, but it was not much of a shield.

Erik S. Lesser for The New York Times

Thelma Arnold’s identity was betrayed by AOL records of her Web
searches, like ones for her dog, Dudley, who clearly has a problem.

No. 4417749 conducted
hundreds of searches over a three-month period on topics ranging from
“numb fingers” to “60 single men” to “dog that urinates on everything.”

search by search, click by click, the identity of AOL user No. 4417749
became easier to discern. There are queries for “landscapers in
Lilburn, Ga,” several people with the last name Arnold and “homes sold
in shadow lake subdivision gwinnett county georgia.”

It did not
take much investigating to follow that data trail to Thelma Arnold, a
62-year-old widow who lives in Lilburn, Ga., frequently researches her
friends’ medical ailments and loves her three dogs. “Those are my
searches,” she said, after a reporter read part of the list to her.

removed the search data from its site over the weekend and apologized
for its release, saying it was an unauthorized move by a team that had
hoped it would benefit academic researchers.

But the detailed
records of searches conducted by Ms. Arnold and 657,000 other
Americans, copies of which continue to circulate online, underscore how
much people unintentionally reveal about themselves when they use
search engines — and how risky it can be for companies like AOL, Google and Yahoo to compile such data.

risks have long pitted privacy advocates against online marketers and
other Internet companies seeking to profit from the Internet’s unique
ability to track the comings and goings of users, allowing for more
focused and therefore more lucrative advertising.

But the
unintended consequences of all that data being compiled, stored and
cross-linked are what Marc Rotenberg, the executive director of the
Electronic Privacy Information Center, a privacy rights group in
Washington, called “a ticking privacy time bomb.”

Mr. Rotenberg
pointed to Google’s own joust earlier this year with the Justice
Department over a subpoena for some of its search data. The company
successfully fended off the agency’s demand in court, but several other
search companies, including AOL, complied. The Justice Department
sought the information to help it defend a challenge to a law that is
meant to shield children from sexually explicit material.

supported Google at the time,” Mr. Rotenberg said, “but we also said
that it was a mistake for Google to be saving so much information
because it creates a risk.”

Ms. Arnold, who agreed to discuss her
searches with a reporter, said she was shocked to hear that AOL had
saved and published three months’ worth of them. “My goodness, it’s my
whole personal life,” she said. “I had no idea somebody was looking
over my shoulder.”

In the privacy of her four-bedroom home, Ms.
Arnold searched for the answers to scores of life’s questions, big and
small. How could she buy “school supplies for Iraq children”? What is
the “safest place to live”? What is “the best season to visit Italy”?

searches are a catalog of intentions, curiosity, anxieties and
quotidian questions. There was the day in May, for example, when she
typed in “termites,” then “tea for good health” then “mature living,”
all within a few hours.

Her queries mirror millions of those
captured in AOL’s database, which reveal the concerns of expectant
mothers, cancer patients, college students and music lovers. User No.
2178 searches for “foods to avoid when breast feeding.” No. 3482401
seeks guidance on “calorie counting.” No. 3483689 searches for the
songs “Time After Time” and “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

At times,
the searches appear to betray intimate emotions and personal dilemmas.
No. 3505202 asks about “depression and medical leave.” No. 7268042
types “fear that spouse contemplating cheating.”

There are also
many thousands of sexual queries, along with searches about “child
porno” and “how to kill oneself by natural gas” that raise questions
about what legal authorities can and should do with such information.

while these searches can tell the casual observer — or the sociologist
or the marketer — much about the person who typed them, they can also
prove highly misleading.

At first glace, it might appear that
Ms. Arnold fears she is suffering from a wide range of ailments. Her
search history includes “hand tremors,” “nicotine effects on the body,”
“dry mouth” and “bipolar.” But in an interview, Ms. Arnold said she
routinely researched medical conditions for her friends to assuage
their anxieties. Explaining her queries about nicotine, for example,
she said: “I have a friend who needs to quit smoking and I want to help
her do it.”

Asked about Ms. Arnold, an AOL spokesman, Andrew Weinstein,
reiterated the company’s position that the data release was a mistake.
“We apologize specifically to her,” he said. “There is not a whole lot
we can do.”

Mr. Weinstein said he knew of
no other cases thus far where users had been identified as a result of
the search data, but he was not surprised. “We acknowledged that there
was information that could potentially lead to people being identified,
which is why we were so angry.”

AOL keeps a record of each
user’s search queries for one month, Mr. Weinstein said. This allows
users to refer back to previous searches and is also used by AOL to
improve the quality of its search technology. The three-month data that
was released came from a special system meant for AOL’s internal
researchers that does not record the users’ AOL screen names, he said.

bloggers claimed yesterday to have identified other AOL users by
examining data, while others hunted for particularly entertaining or
shocking search histories. Some programmers made this easier by setting
up Web sites that let people search the database of searches.

Battelle, the author of the 2005 book “The Search: How Google and Its
Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture,” said
AOL’s misstep, while unfortunate, could have a silver lining if people
began to understand just what was at stake. In his book, he says search
engines are mining the priceless “database of intentions” formed by the
world’s search requests.

“It’s only by these kinds of screw-ups
and unintended behind-the-curtain views that we can push this dialogue
along,” Mr. Battelle said. “As unhappy as I am to see this data on
people leaked, I’m heartened that we will have this conversation as a
culture, which is long overdue.”

Ms. Arnold says she loves
online research, but the disclosure of her searches has left her
disillusioned. In response, she plans to drop her AOL subscription. “We
all have a right to privacy,” she said. “Nobody should have found this
all out.”

Saul Hansell contributed reporting for this article.

But the danger shouldn’t come from our own government!

This CONSERVATIVE ALERT is a special
message from RightMarch.com:

ALERT: Border Patrol
agents have a difficult and often dangerous job in guarding our
nation’s borders.

But the danger shouldn’t come from our
own government!

According to news reports, last year,
agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean spotted Osbaldo
Aldrete-Davila, a Mexican national, in his van near the Rio Grande,
near Fabens, Texas, about 30 miles southeast of El Paso. Ramos gave
chase while Compean circled around to head off the suspect. When Mr.
Aldrete-Davila jumped out of the van and ran south to the river, he was
confronted by Compean, who was thrown to the ground as the two men
fought. Ramos said that when he arrived, he saw Compean on the ground
and chased Mr. Aldrete-Davila to the river, where the suspect suddenly
turned toward him, pointing what looked like a gun.

Ramos said he fired at the fleeing
suspect but did not think he had been hit after watching him run
through the bush, jump into an awaiting van in Mexico and speed off.
Nearly 800 pounds of marijuana, worth $1 million, was found in the van
that he abandoned at the river’s edge.

A job well done, right? After all,
what the Border Patrol is *supposed* to do — try and stop illegal
immigrants, especially the "baddies" running drugs. Right?


An investigator from the Department of
Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General, which oversees the
Border Patrol, tracked down Mr. Aldrete-Davila in Mexico, where he was
offered IMMUNITY in exchange for testifying AGAINST the agents!

As a result, a federal jury convicted
agents Ramos and Compean of causing serious bodily injury, assault with
a deadly weapon, discharge of a firearm in relation to a crime of
violence, and a civil rights violation. A U.S. probation officer has
recommended in a report to the court that the agents be sentenced to
TWENTY YEARS in prison!

To add insult to injury — OUR injury

Aldrete-Davila, the illegal alien drug-runner, also received care at
William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso — and now he’s suing
the government for $5 million for violating his "civil rights"!

Americans, we MUST do something about this!

TAKE ACTION: The facts
this case do NOT add up or justify the length of the sentences for
these agents, let alone their conviction on multiple counts. The
arrest, trial and conviction of the two Border Patrol agents had
resulted in a chilling effect on others.

Thankfully, both Democrats and
Republicans on Capitol Hill are asking for congressional hearings and
reviews by the White House and Justice Department into the conviction
of two U.S. Border Patrol agents who shot and wounded a fleeing drug
suspect. But it won’t happen without a HUGE public outcry — and that’s
where YOU and I come in.

We’ve set up our website so that you
send "blast faxes" to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, Secretary
of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, AND President
George W. Bush, *demanding* that they investigate this case and
exonerate the two agents.

Click below to send to send YOUR blast
faxes NOW:


NOTE: This outrageous
does nothing but tie the hands of the Border Patrol and prevent the
agency from securing America against a flood of illegal immigrants,
drugs, counterfeit goods and, quite possibly, terrorists. It puts the
rights of illegal smugglers ahead of our homeland security and
undermines the critical mission of better enforcing immigration laws.
These two agents should NOT be made scapegoats for our government’s
enforcement failures.

As always, if you don’t want to pay to
send your blast faxes, you can also send a FREE email directly to AG
Gonzales, Sec. Chertoff and Pres. Bush — just go to http://capwiz.com/sicminc/issues/alert/?alertid=8991476&type=ML
now. Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to
demand REAL JUSTICE for these two heroic border patrol agents. Thank


William Greene, President